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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NEW PATTERN! This Guy Takes the Cake!

This Guy Takes the Cake!

I will be teaching a class Saturday, September 15, 2012 at Nancy's Quilting in Missouri Valley IA.  The classes will start at 9am and run till Noon.  Nancy has been busy cutting kits, measuring floss, and bundling up the sets for the snowman with his whimsical buttons. This wall hanging measures at 10"X12". It is a whimsical fall fellow for primitive covers.  He has 2 clay button eyes and can be stitched up in an evening.

We will be cutting, sewing, and stitching for 3 hours and our goal is to leave with a finished piece...How fun!!!!  I can't wait! Today i am unloading the kiln  and painting extra cupcakes for you to purchase so you can make more of the wall hangings for your family and friends.  

Look for the pattern @ Nancy's Sewing in Missouri Valley, IA.